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Sunday, September 12, 2010

More on Nauvoo

The pageant script has so many wonderful quotes that one can not help but build their testimony and increase their faith while being entertained.

At one point after the arrival of a new boat load immigrants, Parley P. Pratt states, "You'll find that here in Nauvoo the arrival of every new neighbor is an occasion to open our hearts. The Prophet Joseph taught that friendship is one of the grand fundamental principles of everything we are. We tray to carry one another's burdens, literally. To give what was needed, we gave all we had, and to give more than we had, we gave of ourselves."

Robert Laird, not a member of the church, arrived on that boat with his wife Becky, who joined the church in Scotland. They lost a three year old son on the boat ride over. Grieving the loss of his son, he storms up to the Prophet Joseph and says, "What do you think you are doing?" He describes the hardships of the journey, and says, "There are fourteen more that you'll never meet, because their graves are at the bottom of the sea. And one of them is our own little boy; our little Jaimie. He was barely three. He smiled up one last time at his mother, then gave-up the ghost. "

He then asks the prophet, "You can stand stand there and tell me that your god accepts such terrible sacrifices from children He supposedly loves?"

Joseph responds, "Yes, I can. Because I know that He also knows what it means to loose a son."

At another point in the pageant when Joseph Smith is organizing the Relief Society, he states, "This society shall rejoice, and knowledge and intelligence shall flow down from this time. If you will live up to your privileges, the angels can not be restrained from being your associates."

Parley Pratt tells Robert Laird as Robert is beginning to accept the gospel, "If it's good, it comes from Christ, and He gave His life so you could have it."

At another point while speaking of the passing of King Follet, Joseph says, "They are only absent for a moment. Life on earth is fragile. It is a blessing to be cherished." Moments later he says, "This is the purpose of the temple. To bring together those who dwell on earth with those who dwell in heaven. That the hearts of our family members may be bound together for eternity. "

Such powerful doctrine. I think everyone should see the pageant at least once.

I have had time to post more photos from the Nauvoo Pageant. These were taken by our good friend Theresa Junkunz.