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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Re-roofing Our House

It was a long week, and a lot of work, but small leaks contributed to the need for us to replace the roof. He are glad Joseph and Melina are here for the summer and were able to assist along with the several others from the ward who stopped by to help.


Adam Waterford said...

Yeah, re-roofing takes a lot of work. From inspecting to buying stuff that you'll need for your roofing, this is really challenging. But after you finished this job, your hard work is worth it, because you're going to see how good the results are. I'm pretty sure you've done a great job up there.

Max Boughner said...

I agree, Adam. It's also pleasant to look back at those days when you still have that leak caused by your bad roofing. By the way, how long did your old roof last before you finally decided to replace it?