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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve with the Youth

Wesley spent New Year's Eve with about 25 youth from the ward and the YM and YW leaders. They had a great time full of clean wholesome fun. The church has produced some fabulous media in connection to New Years titled A Brand New Year. They watched just as much of the 2009 video as we did the 2010. It is marvelous to see to the faith of the youth.

Sister Dalton, Young Women General President said, "I think they need to be reminded of who they are. They need to know their identity. They are not ordinary, they are not common. They are sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven. The world wants Latter-day Saint teens to be average. Our message is to live on a higher level. The Lord is with these youth. The Lord knows who they are. He trusts them. We trust them. We have great confidence in them.” Church News Week Ending December 5, 2009

The clip below is from the 2009 DVD. It is amazing to see the Conference Center filled with youth, watching a performance consisting entirely of youth. Our youth have enjoyed singing the 2009 songs throughout the year. The 2010 DVD does not have the same feel or sing-able songs as the 2009 production, but it is powerful in its own right, hence the reason for showing both years.

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